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Here's what people are saying about Shawna Farrow Yoga:

"I did the Rise of the Wild Woman program with Shawna last year and it was the most connecting programs I have ever partaken in.
Shawna has created a one of a kind program that was not only created from the heart, but also taught from the heart.
What was truly magical was the synchronicity of the timing of the teachings of each week. Shawna is so in-tune with the progression of the program that each weeks teachings flow into the next perfectly, adding to one another just like a beautiful recipe. I am so grateful for all the tools I learned from this program, I will use them for my lifetime!" - S. V.
"Shawna is a beautiful soul! You feel so held in love when practicing with her. She has an amazing energy, is so open hearted and gentle. I love her classes, her hugs and all the things she talks about while we are in a pose. She knows so much about chakras and the pose itself and makes wonderful connections to our daily lives. Highly recommended!" - Nicki V


"Shawna is a wonderful yoga teacher, her classes are very relaxing and help you to calm down, you just have to follow her beautiful voice and go with the flow.

I also loved our session of intuitive guidance, she is a great listener, she shared fantastic practices and tips to help me reach my goals and bring more serenity in my life!" - A.M

"I loved every single practice. I loved the diversity-the yoga, meditation, mindful practises, yoga nidra, the poems and Shawna's singing. I loved all the different tools she showed us on how to get back to who we truly are. I loved all the positive affirmations we worked with ( I'm definitely gonna keep those) and I also loved that we could work on our shadows in a safe environment and see them for they are." Jack, talking about Shawna's virtual retreat.
"I was an absolute beginner coming to Shawna's yoga classes and I felt comfortable and welcomed. She has the ability to make everyone feel comfortable being who they are. I can totally recommend." -Allan 
"Shawna creates a wonderful atmosphere in her classes, balancing humour, practical advice, encouragement to do the best you can physically, and spiritual elements. The classes I attended were exceptionally soothing, and also got me to stretch really thoroughly. A special feature is her use (if you let her know you are comfortable with it) of a bit of relaxing touch from time to time--massaging your forehead, warming your feet, etc. Shawna also has particular expertise in how to select and get into poses that can help address any pain or issues you might be having." - Keara
"I had an amazing distance Reiki session with Shawna yesterday. I'm in Scotland and her in Sweden and yet it was as if she was in the room with me. My body accepted and responded to the energy in a fantastic way. I would definitely recommend a session with this amazing women, healer and dear friend of mine!" - Nicole H.R
"Shawna was teaching yoga in our office on a weekly basis for more than a year and we absolutely loved her classes. It was very easy to coordinate the classes and organise the sessions. She was very flexible and adapted her class to the needs and wishes of the participants. The flow of the class, the music, her voice, everything was just perfect to re-energize and relax. It was a wonderful way to start a busy working day" - Alizee Del Mastro, Linked In
“Thank you for offering this amazing option for your biggest fans all over the world. You are so amazing at what you do. Thanks again for the wonderful session. I honestly feel like a more peaceful person who has just put down a few weights and I am now ready to go to bed and look forward to starting tomorrow with a totally new and recharged mind and body. I feel lots of gratitude too which is such a nice feeling too.” Silvia A
"Shawna leads her meditation classes and restorative or yin yoga classes with confidence and humour. This makes it perfectly easy to be in the moment."
"A beautiful soul, a beautiful teacher - just relax and take it easy...a pleasure..." - Eva-Maria F
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