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Calm Sea


There are no coincidences and you have found me for a reason. There is something that has guided you to me, let’s find out what that is.

This is a space where I will empower you to come back to your intuition & true Self. To connect to the wild, free & powerful nature that you hold. To remember that you are a healer, creator, the bridge between worlds, a holder of ancestral wisdom & much, much more.

Together we will ignite your inner healer to move into the energy that aligns with your true self. Through yoga, reiki, meditation, women's circles, yoga Nidra  you will be able to connect to abundance, flow and purpose.
Lets get started on this magical journey of yours!

With over 9 years experience, I provide a safe & accountable space that is supportive and inclusive for ALL to practice listening to their inner selves and their true purpose. As a Yoga, Meditation & Yoga Nidra teacher and Reiki Master I’ve experienced first hand how powerful these tools are for healing and learning about our self and others. I believe that when we listen to our true self the light that shines within us comes through and that is when real change begins.

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